NEWS April 2020

April 28 2020 Evening - "Deceit" Formally Alleged

In a move right out of DOCTOR STRANGLOVE, CNN pulled a classic argument April 28th 2020 - escalating their abuse to allege DONALD J. TRUMP, as POTUS, had purposefully and illegally committed 76 O.S 76.3 "deceit of the public" by performing the duty of his office as set forth in Marbury v Madison by Supreme Court Justice John Roberts.

This logic, clearly expressed in the 11:00 pm CDT broadcast, was a perfect and classic example of what Radical Sectarian Socialism now is seeking to pass on to the American public as some sort of delusional cause for pulblic offense or criminal wrongdoing.

In a statement of knowing fraud, contrary the laws of the United States, did the hosting parties allege that 1.) if an advisor of the President of the United States makes a written statement; 2.) that statement must be admitted as RECORD a LEGAL FINDING; and 3.) repeated by the President of the United States verbatim.

This claim is a clear and criminal statement to 4.) allege criminal liability for failure to do so in the prior case, themed a fraud or deceit with malicious intent in injure.

As Justice John Roberts, as head of the Supreme Court at the hearing of Marbury v Madison stated, the authority and determination of the Office of the Public Trust is exclusive of any other appointment and once made appointment, no further control or influence over its operation or judgement is afforded any other office not explicitly granted superior authority.

This act is - confessed in its form - a claim that the failure to intimidate, compel, and control the actions of the President of the United States subjugating the office to a person or other expert not appointed that office, may be criminal wrongdoing to injure and knowingly harm the People of the United States as a violation of the fitness and duty of office, beyond the discretion of the agent in office, and to compel the agent to conduct themselves as a puppet of other inferior officers or organizations.

This abuse is consistent with a gross criminal fraud by CNN and MSN, and identical to the PETERSEN v ALLEN fraud in extortion spanning 2001-2020, which seek forfeiture of a public office of the public trust to the control of a party on false claim of equity not a thing at law.

This was prior echoed in the evening by claims that the Vice President, when visiting Mayo Clinic, failed to perform his duty because he "did not dress as others did," contray a conscious decision not to do so and decision by the Clinic to admit him despite BREAKING POLICY in doing so. This transferrence of blame from "private property" and "private business" to liability of "public officers in the performance of their duty" or any "private citizen in the equity of their home or freedom of travel and activity outside a private business or other private property of the State or government" shows serious BOUNDARY ISSUES which fail to ackonwledge the public spaces belong to the public for the use of individual members of the public, and do not belong to the municipal City, County, State, or UNITED STATES (legal person) which would condition their use based or compliance to their enjoyment or liberty.

This gross misconception of the very core value of "the Public Trust" and "Public Roadways", is fundamental to a foreign jurisprudence not permitted monopoly under any theory of law in the State of Oklahoma, and so set forth in Article II of the Constitution of the State of Oklhaoma a right prohibited herein. To suggest that such person be obligated solely to "set example" sought by the public, conditioned his office of the Public Trust, is an attack on the equity of his office and upon the United States Political System by which he was installed in that office - treason against the core liberty of the agent and rights of the same not a duty nor offense by the property owner or institution having title to the property of such offense.

In short, it is a demand a code of conduct to private persons be affirmed, on condition of the "civil honors" afforded, in like claim a 21 O.S. 21-8 crime in Oklahoma, prohibited to seize control of the office of the Public Trust in abuse of public broadcasting and INTERSTATE COMMUNICATIONS, a serious fraud upon the American People and effort to deceive the public not versed in the rulings of the SUPREME COURT OF THE UNITED STATES and other rights for which a corporation - a franchise organized under those rules - is obligated to act and sustain without sedition or other rebellion or insurrection their business model or daily activity as rule.

As allegation of deceit of the public is a civil wrongdoing, and escalated to indicate knowing malice a fraud to disable the office or its authority under the agent of the Public Trust so lawfully made, has CNN entered into a degree of behavior subject suspension per their organization and abuse of privilege now evident.

Cause for this abuse appears their backing of "Bill Gates" and his "GatesNotes" publication, a bid to obtain $15 billion USD in Federal Funds to combat the virus with vaccines already under industrial production for sale in September 2020 and being made in India at a cost per dose of $0.004 USD. India is where Gates moved his MICROSOFT corporation and support, and appears now to be acting as a foreign unregistered agent, per claims arising in what FACEBOOK INC. calls "PROJECT NIGHTFALL" (below). Tracing ownership is difficult, despite announcements made publicly in March 2020 according to AP News.

Our investigators had prior received credible information on COVID-19, its 4 extra amino acid pairs and claims by report that such strain appeared 'altered by CRISPR technology' due to markers from former GRU sources; as well as aggravated claims from our Tiawan lab and Scotland office for Italy operations of over 30 distinct strains now detected.

How can CNN be So Wrong?

In the CNN broadcast tonight, the prior (left) speaker then went on to say, "There is no scientific evidence this virus is going to change form." - CNN, alleging Donald Trump is lying about every single statement made to "Deceive" the American Public.

This claim, regarding the allegation that COVID-19 has not and does not MUTATE like the flu, making immunization very difficult and extinction impossible due to this mutation factor in large populations and seasonal viral epidemiology, is further evidence of the fraud to sell the $15 billion qui tam violation to the UNITED STATES during the April-September 2020 period as a violation of "THE FALSE CLAIMS ACT" (

This is the same title law cited by JAMES ALLEN in PETERSEN v ALLEN regarding violations of 45 CFR and Federal Register Volume 81 No 244, for which STATE OF TEXAS and STATE OF OKLAHOMA are not compliant as of 2020 April and throughout the February 20 2017 to 2020 period of concealment of his child to extort money and property now themed $15200 under the CARES ACT OF 2020, embezzlement from the U.S. Department of the Treasury on a massive scale affecting 130,000 Oklahomans in violation of 45 CFR 302.56 and 303.100(a)(3) limits; which triggered in all such cases affected 15 U.S.C. 1673(c) change of ORDERS by "operation of law" (a binding consequence so cited in 42 U.S.C. 666(a)(9)(C) rule voiding those orders regardless intent of such law and automatically, without need of any Court or court order or endorsement to have permanent and perpetual effect).

ALLEN, a programmer and former Senior Software Engineer whose child was abducted by FRAUD, FORCE, and THREAT OF MURDER, attempted to bring this matter forward in 2001 August 11th, and was suppressed from that date to 2020 by violation of 18 USC 3161 Federal Law in 15 U.S.C. 1692n rule violation, now before the court not granted relief.

The one good outcome of this unlawful delay is the presentation of a scheme or plan to embezzle funds from the U.S. Department of the Treasury, themed 18 U.S.C. 666 felony, which is undeniable in examination a criminal act by STATE OF TEXAS and STATE OF OKLAHOMA on examination of false books made TITLE IV record, threats, and claims made falsely to the program concerning PETERSEN v ALLEN while suspending all recovery of an abducted child ordered to the possession of the Oklahoma Parent in false "automatic mistrial" never granted 42 U.S.C. 1981 equal enforcment, a violation of Oklahoma Constitution Article II in multiple points. These injuries, themed 18 U.S.C. 241 felonies, are also now clearly 18 U.S.C. 242 in their application and multi-party joint activity of false books prohibited by 45 CFR, Federal Law, for which the CARES ACT of 2020 is a vehicle for massive and long-term XXIII-1A violation and forefiture of estate a plan made by persons in like speech as the DEMOCRATIC PARTY OF THE UNITED STATES is now reliant to the prior claims, a fraud.

As if it could get more pseureal, the sponsoring public relations groups on FACEBOOK INC. have self-identified this vaccine development plan at "PROJECT NIGHTFALL" in their claims to justify their actions, after prior groups like the "187" (murder) group did write over 323 pages of death threats and XXIII-1A violation claims to sustain the kidnapping and hostage taking from 2013-2020 following 2009-2012 FACEBOOK INC. platform use without protection to support the child kidnapping described under 22 U.S.C. section 7102 and 21 O.S. 21-748.1 felony abuse of office and false records made.

Attacks from Lansing Michigan over 2003-2020 in this matter of PETERSEN v ALLEN become only more disturbing, as the base of abuse in this fraud now appears the regional base for the new PORUS candidate tendered April 28 2020 of Justin Amash, and having held the 3rd Congresional district of Michigan since 2010 on the grounds of anti-Federalism affording NATION OF JAPAN owned (25%) NTT AMERICA to install a $100 billion USD telecom industry in State of Michigan.

Even today, April 18 2020, we are receiving traffic out of Michigan that indicates the State's role in the 14500 forged packets per hour sent to two sepearte machines in PONTOTOC COUNTY amid threats in PETERSEN v ALLEN, and cosntitute several of parallel single-source ban-evasion TCP-SACK attacks since 04:00 CDT April 28 2020 on SPARKLIGHT BUSINESS INTERENET SERVICES in PONTOTOC COUNTY, STATE OF OKLAHOMA. The nexus of conduct in context to child concealment and human trafficking activity suggests a clear and present danger posed to U.S. domestic firms and journalists by unregistered foreign investment and foreign agency in the United States, favoring a nexus of specific foreign firms and parties who are co-owners in large-equity of top brands targeting the commercial firm in Oklahoma.

Machine 1 Log - 1287 IPs Used in 20 hours

Machine 2 Log - 1290 IPs Used in 20 hours

April 28 2020

INDIA and OXFORD admit via FACEBOOK what as covered by videos from the group "PROJECT NIGHTFALL", a plan to release the COVID 19 vaccine in September 2020 at a cost of $0.003 per dose, and justify the joint NATION OF JAPAN and INDIA vaccination program as a claim of immunity to the disease.


How India is planning to carry out a large scale industrial takeover the United States medical industry using $0.004 USD per dose, and making 40,000,000 (forty million) doses of the drug in anticipation of this claim proposed by the GATES FOUNDATION. What will U.S. insurers charge for the vaccine? It cannot be much, now that the COST is disclosed in the prior video as $0.004 or less per dose.

Well, we have the price and the timeline for the fear-selling. Sponsored by Oxford University (and whoever funds their research in this area... perhaps... THE GATES FOUNDATION?).

It is to sell a vaccine in September 2020, for India to the UNITED STATES.

INDIA AND JAPAN claim BCG VACCINE protects them from COVID-19.

Ex-GRU cites the appearance of COVID in CHINA - a political rival of JAPAN - as is the UNITED STATES, may be reliant on this presumed immunity and call for suspension of economic and civil rights which PROJECT NIGHTFALL is promoting via California-based FACEBOOK INC. paid promotion promising a VACCINE no sooner than SEPTEMBER to promote a lockdown of UNITED STATES economic and labor a was performed by martial force for 21 days in INDIA.

You don’t have to be an expert in Sino-Asian relations and trade to see this claim of action paired with United States “OXFORD UNIVERSITY” and activity by patent owners in vaccination technology sponsoring FACEBOOK INC and INDIA based technical support are linked to ONE MAN.

That man’s name, as of April 28 2020, is reported a flag to trigger the auto censorship “community standards” suspension on Facebook today, per our Social Media Director.

Therefore we will not mention this person who is seeking $15 billion USD to chair the United States COVID-19 response as an annual grant in perpetuity to his private organization.

This represents a nexus subject Title 18 Chapter 96 rule.



7708 people die every month in the United States. What is the “delta” of actual deaths versus “death not diagnosed by chemical test to be COVID”.

By August 61,664 without COVID-19.

Anyone not giving total death statistics is lying to you about the scale of this crisis. Get the numbers. Get the deaths due flu. Compare.

The U.S. Government MUST SHUT DOWN companies promoting these 24/7 fear tactics, and forfeit their stock and that of firms suppressing dissent to control and support the narrative.

This is martial law, in all but name, and retaliation not afforded Civil Administration Rule (5 USC 556 and 557) is subject a duty of the United States to protect Citizens and INTERSTATE COMMERCE, by mandate or rule not voluntary by UNITED STATES CITIZENS to carry out in equity title or powers a suspension of the use of any property or franchise right (business).

These rights - once understood - combined with the PETERSEN v ALLEN embezzlement of funds from the United States Department of the Treasury, and in over 130,000 cases affecting Oklahoma Residents, requires this duty be fulfilled its office.

Omitting the ordinary death rate, the actual death toll rise possibly attributed to COVID-19 would be 23,168 persons over January 1 2020 to May 1 2020, pre-covid ordinary rates. While this is significant, it is not scientifically accurate or lawful to report all deaths as COVID related ruling out other natural causes, to create an epidimiology metric for charting future death rates. To the contrary, it is malpractice of medicine to rule out other deaths without testing and symptoms, and represents a pattern of wrong information being reported by U.S. media to include falsely styling the disease as "Pneumonia" and interal to the lung, while reports indicate it is "autoimmune" and a "circulatory hypoxia disease caused by virus activity in the lungs an small cappilaries which can be treated by medications like quinine, zinc and zpac antibiotics, and ordinary FDA approved drugs already in use for high blood pressure. It took until late April 2020 for U.S. Media giant CNN to even report that blood clots were a symptom, and loss of smell reported was the result of STROKE in persons age 20-35. Despite this, doctors continue to follow U.S. insurance protocols only, refusing testing and protocols not compensated, which may contribute to broad misdiagnosis and treatment resulting in high mortality and complications.

Having spent 35 years in medicine as a media and technology journalist, I can already say this is a serious failure of the United States Medical Industry backed by media companies enabling and covering for a failure to practice ordinary medicine and ordinary diagnostics which were common-place in the 1920s-1990s. The reaction is like the discovery of HIV treatment and resistance to the same, classifying persons as 'end of life' and 'no recessitation' due restort to traditional low-threat PPE which have no place in a hot zone or high-intensity medical care setting. Attacks to protect standards and practices appear to be costing lives, and that is statistically evident in delta mortality analysis of the State-to-State and nation-to-nation handling of the disease, including the absurd call to return children to public schools and classrooms while prohibiting ordinary persons from operating businesses which are much lower risk points of sale and activity.

In short, shelter in place is a right - not a rule subject enforcement - and the failure to comprehend that right to disbard public education in favor of family and child health and welfare without the full confidence of parents or to discriminate against virtual education is a union issue of the United States. Likewise, business will be impacted regardless of shelter in place orders, and support for the public must be made mandatory, including all protections of 45 CFR 302.56 classifying such CARES ACT 2020 funds as "subsistence" not subject any form of taking, contrary action by STATE OF TEXAS and STATE OF OKLAHOMA to confiscate 100% of such funds during a declared STATE OF EMERGENCY themed embezzlement from the United States Department of the Treasury, a felony and grand larceny by their State Governors.

This follows a pattern of Title IV fraud, themed 45 CFR violation by many states contrary 586 U.S. ___ (2019) case no 17-1091 ruling by Justice Ginsburg, and is a critical form of embezzlement from and effort by abuse of media and electronic communication of an INTERSTATE NATURE to cause forfeiture of the estates of UNITED STATES CITIZENS under false civil judgments, false awards themed bonds and obligations barred at law, and to cause forfeiture of UNITED STATES businesses and patents and trademark rights related to established businesses in favor of large foreign sovereign fund backed businesses now in State of Michigan, State of Texas, State of California, State of Arkansas, and State of New York - which should be suspended in their activity based on actions of civil rights violations not afforded ordinary business and in context to abuse. These acts voiding the rights of the UNITED STATES and its Union member states to the claims made in the registry of Patent and Trademark and Copyright forms since 2001, and disbarring all other nations to such claims until such matter is settled, and hostages so returned in accordance with Federal Law including all civil honors restored in full with damages themed restitution and for "serious injury" made paid in full, exempting any contest on such grounds arising from those 2001-2020 years in perpetuity against the injured parties.

Censorship Escalates to Pro Hitler Movement on Facebook by FACEBOOK INC. STAFF

Facebook issues warning to JAMES ALLEN over post of Adolph Hitler meme criticizing lockdown tracking of U.S. Citizens a FELONY in Oklahoma, April 28 2020. (see meme below, "To Those Turning In Your Neighbors and Local Businesses - You Did The Reich Thing' Meme)

CNN admits phone data tracking is now being used to analyze movement of United States Citiznes across the United States, alleging that by removing names and other identifying information this geolocation data without voluntary installation of an app or consent is lawful and essential in the prior "PROJECT NIGHTFALL" activity themed moral and authoritative in INDIA, JAPAN, and other extremist foreign countries.

Citing in April 28 2020 broadcast the notice of data covering UNITED STATES CITIZENS used in this manner and involuntarily within the past few days and in real time monitoring use, prohibited by the GDPR and other laws in the UNITED STATES.

As an analysist for security and policy, JAMES ALLEN noted this, finding the report a serious confession of abuse granted his prior knowledge of T-Mobile and DEUTCH TELEKOM, and prior role as a SPRINT and SENIOR SOFTWARE ENGINEER over wireless engineering in Richardson TEXAS, where he managed business and personal acocunts for National service as part of the WIRELESS ENGINEERING TOOLS DIVISION of NORTEL.

This action, a retaliation for comments on Islamic slavery articles, affirms the need to nationalize Facebook as a Common Carrier with legislation prohibiting U.S. companies from hiring outside of the jurisdiction. Extremist religious claims and efforts to impose pro-nazi pro Hitler support under Facebook Community Standards a color of law not legal use in the United States, affirms the obligation of the California based company to uphold UNITED STATES law regarding parody of public historical figures.

The concealment of genocide and suppression of legal speech on public policy is an “interference in the right of suffrage and II-3 and II-22 rule of Oklahoma law.

The threat of suspension of use for citation of Holocaust related material is a was crime, under the International law, and prima facia for 5 U.S.C. rule disclosure (556-557) of the location of staff and their religious affiliation, themed a criminal component of a felony in retaliation for political protected speech and Holocaust denial by Facebook Inc. to sustain embezzlement of funds from the United States benefit program also themed a felony (18 U.S.C. 666).

Due to the failure to accept review as an appeal, this action warrants legislative investigation, citing intimidation of UNITED STATES CITIZENS themed “disruption of primary communications” during a NATIONAL STATE OF EMERGENCY for “political speech having no lawful cause for danger or injury to the public” under rule of United States Law.

Abuse of this degree by employees is a red flag - of abuse by users or insider action - and such initiating persons subject criminal liability for its use in context to attacks exceeding 29000 requests per hour currently ongoing versus UNITED STATES registered Oklahoma Schedule C corporations in a child kidnapping and extortion of office and INTERSTATE COMMERCE.

Failing to meet this “common carrier” standard, Facebook would be liable for fraud and false claims themed otherwise immune under the “safe harbor act” covering Internet Service Providers and other content hosts.

Community Standards are not an excuse for pro-nazi pro-hitler pro-democrat propaganda.

A legal investigation and classification of Facebook Inc. as a news agency subject fact verification and national customer service hiring legislation to localize their employee outsourcing as a legal protection of United States “community standards” (1st and 2nd Amendment law), is the logical Federal legislation or civil lawsuit.

In response, a lawsuit has been pursued against 3M and other companies by this party, citing harassment by Facebook employees and other persons aiding in the fraud from 2009-2020.

Attorney contract was signed in this cause, and this “warning” then discovered subsequently evidence of such harassment in joint activity a fraud against the UNITED STATES CITIZEN named in that United States Treasury theft of benefits prior filed April 20 2020.

Attacks resumed at 1 am April 28 2020, after a pause at 6 pm April 27th 2020, and alteration of firewall systems showing CHOOPA LLC and other parties among ten sources documented at attackers in the child kidnapping abuse spanning 2001-2020 by persons known to the group via the death threats as the “187 Group”.

Employees of Robert Half Technologies, Tek Systems, NTT America, and such persons subcontractors at INFOMART in Dallas Texas for Gehardt Broadcasting LLC and Cogent Communications so named in this fraud, and cited in letters of extortion upon Facebook Inc. to this end a false prospectus made 2013-2020 to kidnap a child ordered to POSSESSION of JAMES ALLEN, warrant this notice of employee abuse now made record amid other 18 USC 2261 and 100% theft of benefits styled $15200 USD, themed 18 USC 666 felony offense now underway 04/15/2020 and 04/27/2020 a matter of Public Record prohibited at law and per 5 USC 706.

Harassment to intimidate suffrage or political speech themed humor or satire to intimidate “STAY AT HOME” orders or other United States Public Policy is a felony, and such class action lawsuit filed in Guthrie Oklahoma already for civil relief.

JAMES ALLEN asserts today’s report a component of such felony FACEBOOK INC. or its agent in fact, denying appeal or review by stated design, shall constitute such fraud themed 23 O.S. 23-9.1 malicious abuse of the public trust and commission of business contrary rule of law, to warrant “Terrorist Hoax” complaint per the Oklahoma Anti Terrorism Act, and cause injury to persons and animals themed a felony in the United States.

“I woke up with the intent to take my cat to the vet because it was injured. I immediately received a warning that an image of Hitler telling people they ‘did the reich thing’ to report persons seen outside their house during the quarantine was a violation warranting 30 day suspension of communication services on Facebook and public visibility during a terrorist attack of reports to associates and business partners primarily accessible via Facebook alone. This both upset me and angered me after realizing I had reported the German and Japanese military history and defeat of radical Islamic slavery in the Tripoli Wars, to see a threatened loss of rights for discussing the reasons these elements define American public identity and mental health at law contrary radical socialist elements in German, Japanese, and Arabic culture, to counter fraud in kidnapping of my only child on a threat of murder, fraud, and similar use of felony force sustained a civil suit now before the court as of April 28 2020 in ongoing and active computer crime paired with explicit human trafficking and BDSM kids and animal rape threats received via Twitch Interactive in May and April 2020.”

The severity of such issues, to permit actions without review, are aid to human trafficking and violation of rights, and warrant regulatory changes to disbar foreign customer service, foreign staff affecting U.S. communications companies, and such rule the authority of the Legislature and United States Department of Justice on such serious grounds, injury, and express XXIII-1A rights violations shown in PETERSEN v ALLEN claims now 323 pages of death threats by employees of TENCENT HOLDINGS INC and NTT GROUP.

The value of such communications at critical times or during such lawsuits then over $423 million USD in verified sale and indefinite economic harm of theft of public office cited in Marbury v Madison of patent and trademark rights not afforded this abuse, a present matter with TENCENT TECHNOLOGIES (SHENZEN) CO LTD and other subsidiaries and interested firms (Epic MegaGames / RIOT Games) owned by TENCENT HOLDINGS LTD. - corporation of the PEOPLES REPUBLIC OF CHINA.

A post for which of sarcasm to imply the “felony” of surveillance of an Oklahoma Resident by any person not holding a Private Investigator License or other LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICE and acting then strictly in scope of a registered formal investigation - is harassment and component of 18 USC 2261A felony where a component of written threats to aid in the kidnapping of a child or theft of benefits of the United States Department of the Treasury so themed motivation and written plan now filed a formal complaint in “18 USC 1951” INTERFERENCE IN INTERSTATE COMMERCE” and Chapter 95-96 of the United States Criminal Code.

Regulatory action will follow civil suit already made record, and such actions support a forfeiture of securities and equity by companies aiding this fraud by abuse of thr Public Trust, which their commercial franchise is an office of and subject suspension or order to cease operation and surrender not made a right against FORFEITURE for criminal felony offense or pattern of any criminal behavior so construed effort to compel or limit protected (1St Amendment) speech (and electronic communication) in the United States or under its commission of any member State or UNITED STATES authorized such powers.

Free speech is not unlimited, nor offensive speech prohibited, and community standards do not entitle defense of GENOCIDE or felony injury or intimidation to infringe on any other right (18 USC 241) not afforded.

Free speech does not protect use of persons where other coercion or thing of value is sought on condition of its threat or use, nor is use of historical or national leaders in political speech against policy not an express injury made by inference barred.

Only by allegation that the comparison to criminal abuse of speech in complaint of criminal actions barred at law, a felony, were protected speech or. Adolph Hitler a person now endorsing this claim as living person, not already in legal fact a war criminal and guilty of the murder of six million persons, may this claim have standing.

In short, I woke up to Facebook defending Hitler, and a warning that I should not make jokes about the abuse or intimidation of my person to go to the vet with a cat that is bleeding and seriously ill, a felony in the United State then encouraging retaliation for aid necessary to a wounded animal. (the cat is now fine, meds obtained, and Ada vets wonderful as always in every way)

I found and returned two lost dogs Monday, and now this. So, I am a little annoyed and find the suspension of rights themed a debate quickly feeling like a boxcar that the Facebook Inc. business team just directed me to board. (Allen represents a schedule C corporation, recruited to use Facebook for business, prior this abuse to suppress ordinary and protected use without right to appeal Apr 27 2020)

We must end their status as an ISP and make them subject common carrier law, and reduce their staff to UNITED STATES EMPLOYEES ONLY FOR ACTIONS OVER UNITED STATES CITIZEN DATA AND ACCOUNT, in the same fashion the Russian Federation prior made law.

April 20 2020

The City Counsel has made claim of a meeting during which MANDATORY MASK ORDER was made, for a $500 USD fine, so reported in local channels. No record of meetings or signed orders obtained by our office appear to be made public in APRIL 2020, contrary The Open Meeting Act, and such fine conditional suspension of movement themed in ADA EVENING NEWS a suspension of 1st Amendment freedom of travel and assembly not permitted on mandate of commerce to obtain or create or provide labor of manufacture to obtain a MASK, whereby such civil rights are suspended or infringed on threat conditional 18 USC 241 violation.

Notice is given of this failure to provide AGENDA or notice of matter before the counsel made this APRIL 21 2020, in regard to concerns that MASKS ARE NOT PROVIDED TO PERSONS WHILE RESTRICTION OF USE OF PUBLIC ACCESS AND TRAVEL ARE HEREBY SUSPENDED in conspiracy against rights, not permitted the authority of a City or Counsel.

Businesses may require masks, but municipal organizations may not interdict common roads or throughoutfare activity, travel, or assembly under threat of approach and citation of fine.

This matter aggravated by unlawful interdiction of $1200 payments by STATE OF OKLAHOMA also themed consideration for prior orders, in violation of 45 CFR 303.100(a)(3) and immediate payment of such infringement due per 45 CFR 303.100(a)(8) rule not made, a suit in emergency order filed with the PONTOTOC COUNTY COURT CLERK made delivery per USPS 70200090000158491565 delivered 10:04 am April 20 2020 to the COURT as directed by the COURT CLERK.

Confiscation of funds prohibited at law by STATE OF OKLAHOMA paired with fines violationg 586 U.S. ____ case no 17-1091 rule, a unanimous SUPREME COURT OF THE UNITED STATES ruling February 2019, makes the $500 USD fine against such persons subject the 130,000 person class action complaint an aggravated injury designed to suspend INTRASTATE COMMERCE and XXIII-1A RIGHT TO WORK and engage in public activity, so cited in civil suit filed Dec 31 2018 Answer per 21 O.S. 21-748.2 rule by JAMES ALLEN in PONTOTOC COUNTY DISTRICT COURT.

April 19 2020

Because PAULA BROOKS decided to make claims in ADA CURIOSITY to suggest child abuse was funny, this site will be happy to make public notice of the issues used by ADA LANDLORDS to harass persons in notice of THE CARES ACT protection against EVICTION for subsidized housing until JULY 25 2020.

OK Sup Court rules until March 15 2020 in matter

Also on Monday April 20 2020, The Supreme Court ruled in Ramos v. Louisiana that convictions may not be made on felony charge without unanimous jury consent in any State Court, under the same 14th Amendment basis cited in PETERSEN v ALLEN and affirmed unanimously in 586 U.S. ____ case no 17-1091 on EXCESSIVE FINES a violation by State courts in the taking and concealment of a child from 2001-2020, now under counter-suit in PONTOTOC COUNTY per 21 O.S. 21-748.2 rule.

I've sat on a COUNTY JURY as a foreman, where I witnessed a false prosecution in 2007, similar to the JOHN GRISHAM "AN INNOCENT MAN".

Since that time, I've had my windows shot out (2019), broken (2018), and dead animals placed on my property (3) along with threats to my client, a legally disabled person whose arm deputies broken in 2015 without charge of resisting arrest. Causing about $300,000 in claims against Oklahoma Taxpayers for this excessive force since then as surgery prior testing for diabetic condition aggravated his injury beyond recovery of ordinary use.

While I was a member of the ADA CHAMBER OF COMMERCE at one time, I do not feel the need to register where persons in the CITY OF ADA attack persons targeted in organized violent racketeering activity. Similar businesses like WRANGLER and REMINGTON have left PONTOTOC COUNTY, and theft of property without relief was a factor in the security and removal of EDGE TECHNOLOGIES from PONTOTOC COUNTY also, similar to abuse I witnessed April 19 2020.

When a community activity harasses witnesses, giving testimony of Federal Fraud in medicare and medicaid programs, as I witnessed at local care facilities and have filed formal qui tam complaint in fraud contrary 45 CFR Federal Law made effective and superior State Law in 2017 February 20, it raises serious concerns for any business considering the community. Conduct of this nature, themed harasment of victims of a severe form of trafficking and violence act of 2000 and 21 O.S. 21-748 rule, does not create a positive business culture.

To the contrary, it evokes the "Bucket of Blood" title held by the City of Ada prior to the hanging of three prisoners on allegation of bribery to a Judge, which is memorialized by a monument in Downtown Ada. Regardless of the justification or perpetrators (who were never identified), the actions do not warrant attacks on business owners, real estate, or other property of residents. Including theft of motor vehicle (2017) and refusal to admit or make report of grand theft in such matters by regional claims where drug trafficking was then reported in context to that activity, and in sale of medical devices themed a fraud against medicare found in evidence (2020) in the search of the property upon recovery.

As a party being subjected to extortion in cause to compel false transfer of title and force forfeiture of over 99 acres of property including registered address of an OFFICER OF THE UNITED STATES here in PONTOTOC COUNTY, I take severe umbrage to such claims casually passed around the community.

Whether this was because I witnessed sexual assault against my fellow student at ADA HIGH SCHOOL, who later slashed his wrists in an effort to escape this abuse; or the beautiful student and friend who shot herself in the heart while I was a student at East Central University after similar rumors and claims nearly had me expelled for REFUSING THE SEXUAL ADVANCES of a student, and reporting similar sexual harassment by a professor against another student my junior year.

This conduct, paired with THEFT BY CHECK and false claims of EQUITY conjoined with the taking for concealment in violation of ordered possession of my newborn son, makes me relatively unforgiving of this casual conduct against public notice of fraud. In witness of other companies I worked for in PONTOTOC COUNTY committing false bankruptcy and transfer of assets to a new limited-liability company while suspending insurance and wages to workers, I find myself an advocate of persons who cannot defend themselves and often the target of those who want to suppress or dismiss their complaints.

This harassment, in light of violation of Federal Law in 2017-2020, maimed my body and attempted to force me to surrender my property during this time on the false claim that if I did not obtain SOCIAL SECURITY AWARD to pay a civil debt not obligated or due per Federal Law, I would be jailed in PONTOTOC COUNTY. This fraud, contrary Federal Law and State Law obligated change February 20 2017, themed embezzlement of benefits of the United Stats, is formally under complaint now and sustained during the ongoing concealment of my child in claims to disbar my XXIII-1A "RIGHT TO WORK", a formal written publicized scheme and plan named by persons prior residents of PONTOTOC COUNTY and DALLAS COUNTY, in joint human trafficking activity to extort equity in a registered UNITED STATES corporation.

Obstruction of due process and speedy trial, obligated 18 USC 3161 rule, is itself not afforded on false claims made and sustained by 43A O.S. 43A-5-104 fraud a popular tactic in PONTOTOC COUNTY and CITY OF ADA, which lead my family and I to take substantial security measures after our door was kicked in following threats in the prior fraud, and similar targeting of my family as a child due to my mother's Pediatric Practice and role in projects like Doctor's Park. Similarly, the business of Witherspoon Finance, a lending company that financed many homes in the area, including the DORTH PRICE ADDITION of the CITY OF ADA, was targeted by this abduction and 17 year ongoing illegal child concealment in TITLE IV FRAUD.

Like the ADA MAINSTREET ASSOCIATION, I found the treatment of my business and person terrible in dealing with these community organizations to the extent that we separated ourselves from the local economy after someone set my office door on fire at the 2nd floor of the Old Citizens Bank Building and carved profanity into my car on main street.

This sort of conduct, made possible by abusive community organizations and slander like I witnessed today, reminds me why Ada remains at less than 20,000 persons in population despite the 20,000 club - organized to develop and grow the City in the 1970s, and despite the influx of students each semester to East Central University of Oklahoma (which I graduated in 1999, with a bachelors of science in clinical psychology).

Despite eventually getting my diploma, the stigma of being falsely accused of rape because of the clothing I wore and by the people who thought they would behave in the same fashion as Ms. Brooks today, ultimately affirms the incapacity of such offers. My research partner, a good man and a friend of genuine law enforcement, was killed in 2005 - just two years after I was nearly murdered returning to Oklahoma while northbound on THE CHICKASAW TURNPIKE, by removal of lugnuts from the front-left wheel of my small car after assault at gunpoint in DALLAS, TEXAS over securities fraud, which my partner MICHAEL MARINO and SARAH MOORE DE MARINO were witnesses for the UNITED STATES against such fraud similar to ENRON and MCI WORLDCOM activity later resulting in indictment by the United States Attorney for the State of New York.

Since that time, I have witnessed sexual abuse of children in OKDHS care, been subject retaliation for report of such issues in licensed foster care homes, and for report of false medical diagnosis been likewise threatened with false claims in the regard of PONTOTOC COUNTY permanent care facilities in 2017-2018, making it difficult to foresee the use of the 99 acres and other properties in the region given hostility by the medical fraud in the community.

Recently, my client was billed $500 for a $12 plastic fan during his hospital stay, a practice with VALLEY VIEW REGIONAL HOSPITAL called routine, and are typical of the issues which eventually ended my mother's 35 year medical practice. While I feel some commitment to the community, due to their financing of my mother's medical degree on condition of her return to the community, the conduct against ordinary business and commerce to assault and abuse persons is unsustainable and contrary all labor relations and management pratices. Ranging from abuse of employees in my witness to force them to break down crying in fear of losing their homes and little security (elderly employees, 2) prompting me to walk out of the facility; to false write-down of abandonment when child care obligations required workers to remain with children after sexual assault on a child.

19 years later, I still have a red crescent of a 9mm handgun barrel visible on my face from the assault, and contrary rule of law, no location or return of my child has been performed as obligated by 76 O.S. 76-8 in suspension of habeas corpus by the STATE OF TEXAS and STATE OF OKLAHOMA in violation of UIFSA Rev 2008 'CHOICE OF LAW' obligating TEXAS FAMILY CODE 157.375 rule making immune any appearance to seek a return of a child or duty to modify claims made in fraud a felony, barred by 45 CFR 302.56(f) rule; a felony per 18 USC 666.

In defense, claims of statute of limitations and other offenses not permitted 586 U.S. ____ case no 17-1091 rule on EXCESSIVE FINES and 4th Circuit UNITED STATES COURT OF APPEALS case no 18-1931 to 18-1948 disbar all "discretion" or obstruction, delay, or immediate relief, to include repayment of unlawful funds seized in excess of $500 USD paid in full balance made by operation of law July 1 2002, and duty to make payment that of STATE OF OKLAHOMA in per 45 CFR 303.100(a)(8) rule, in addition to limits on taking now violated in claims made by RENEE BANKS and other officers (HOWARD H. HENDRICK) in knowing embezzlement of funds prohibited 303.100(a)(3) rule.

When a community defends these actions to "increase property values" or disclaim coercion like that which led to threat of arrest in 2016 as I stopped a suicide attempt at Walmart store #0231, it greatly diminishes the integrity of that community and its busienss and educational institutions. This was punctuated to me last week, April 2020, as I walked into the same store #0231 only to hear a small black woman scream "He Hit me in my Mouth!" and cry fro help.

I turned back to see this young woman, blood running down her mouth, staggering by the doorway - looking back at a car out of my line of sight - and calling to me to come help. Because of what persons like PAULA BROOKS did today, I instead raised my voice and directed the woman to come inside and immediately follow me to a store manager. I am afraid to go outside into this community, given the nature of this abuse, and as the young victim fumbled with her phone I repeated that direction calmly, trying to convince her to move into the doors and safety of the store where staff could assist her. She put the phone away, walked in after I moved away to show I was not coming out, and then went into the women's bathroom, just a few feet from the service desk - rather than to aid another twenty feet ahead. Out of concern I continued to staff and directed female staff to her location, reported the attack and what I saw, and made my way then into the store to minimize my contact beyond that report once I knew assistance was dispatched into the restroom.

This is what I expect in Ada, Oklahoma - and why I do not engage with or consider local hiring anymore. Given the hostile nature and prejudice evident in ADA CURIOSITY against victims of a serious form of violence and trafficking, injury I and others suffered both in primary school and college without protection that came in the from of your own fists, and with regard to law enforcement action that falsely portrays some mental health or stigma against victims systematically in reports conveying no concept of intangible property rights or other forms of coercion themed at law protected rights (OKLAHOMA ANTI COUNTERFEITING ACT, OKLAHOMA ANTI-TERRORISM ACT, TERRORIST HOAX, and 21 O.S. 21-748.2 civil right to relief and 22 U.S.C. Chapter 78 section 7102 rule including mandatory investigation of human trafficking activity).

Granted that I saw landlord issues wherein one child blew his head off and another broke into a UNITED STATES POSTAL SERVICE BOX, during the period of my own suspension, the body count in my experience is now quite high. Despite this, community members continue to dismiss the loss of life as comical, even after one of my programmers "walked into highway traffick" (in a fatal incident) and another "suffocated on a pillow in his sleep" after I left DALLAS COUNTY, TEXAS; discounting the death threats and sexual assault against animals which were as of 2020 March still being received in my AMAZON INC. account at TWITCH INTERACTIVE in conjunction with this abuse and 300,000 forged requests per day initiated in September 2019 to influence the local court case filed in context to this matter, transmitted to SPARKLIGHT BUSINESS INTERNET SERVICE HOSTING against two servers (600,000 total per day) sustained in general from a single source since September 2019 threats began in the PONTOTOC COUNTY COURT CASE.

With a $1.5 billion USD TITLE IV Grant to protect, not now presently compliant with 45 CFR 302.0 and 303.0 rule governing the Title IV agency of the STATE OF OKLAHOMA an obligation not met, contrary the threats in writing from STATE OF TEXAS and STATE OF OKLAHOMA violating these laws explicitly; the qui tam damages made to the INSPECTOR GENERAL OF THE FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION now exceed $600 million USD in lawful claim, answered with admission of destruction of reports by the employee of the UNITED STATES FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION so filed a component of qui tam suit now made in context to 21 O.S. 21-748.2 rule, pending jury trial motioned in January 2019.

It would be ill advised to say more in context to that, granted the severity of this matter, with respect to the damages due by STATE OF OKLAHOMA for overpayment now subject refund TEXAS FAMILY CODE section 157.261 in "final judgment" falsely reported a recurring and perpetual amount "owing and due" not a legal thing or debt at law, UNREGISTERED, and prohibited such registration in barratry (21 O.S. 21-551) made November 18 2018 by PONTOTOC COUNTY in this matter to extort and coerce payment contrary 45 CFR 302.56(f) rule, a Federal Law governing all TITLE IV D programs and monies in consideration enjoining the State at law.

Purusant 45 CFR 303.100(a)(8), payment of all fees and costs over $700,000 USD is owing and due PONTOTOC COUNTY and STATE OF OKLAHOMA, regardless of a cause, on suit; and refusal to pay or other claims to intimidate victims themed additional damages, "serious injury", and so defined a felony under 18 USC 1589 rule; even in "reckless disregard", obligated mandatory restitution in the amount of $2,000,000 USD so proven on receipt of lost wages and funds filed and set forth in 18 USC 1593 rule; covered in civil procedure also 15 U.S.C. 1693d rule. The States are so enjoined to this duty, per 15 U.S.C. 1692n, and subject explicit rule 15 U.S.C. 1673(c) terms also, for fraud in this matter; and the STATE OF OKLAHOMA the sole party liable per failure to comply with Fedearl Law (42 U.S.C) in operation of law, set forth also in the suspension of due procss and default record of the payee Dec 2001 also a RECORD OF THE COURT wrongly concealed; per "KELLY V KELLY" (P100, 2007; OKLAHOMA SUPREME COURT).

This notice a function of Oklahoma Constitution Article II section II-3 and II-22, in report of the record of the court and UNITED STATES FEDERAL REGISTER (Vol 81 No 244) so made; a right reserved under 22 O.S. 22-31 and 22-32 rule; in human trafficking and relief obligated 21 O.S. 21-748.2 rule and 22 U.S.C. Chapter 78 rule; made ncessary the alteration of such notices to disbar releif obligated and 76 O.S. 76-8 rights suspended in fraud of infringement against XXIII-1A rights and 76 O.S. 76-9 rule.

As a jury foreman, I had to be the one to point out in the prior case I sat, that the promise of immunity made and so recorded in video did by estoppel negate the claim of confession for what was then admitted a complaint of sexual assault committed against the accused by the alleged victim on the basis of gender (II-36A) which I later found on confession before my own person to be a genuine attempt to entrap and falsely frame in felony a person for sexual offense by offer of sexual favor for testimony in perjury by a minor against the accused. Further evidence of a pattern of this perjury was also presented, in written admission of a second allegation, and so affirmed our decision - only after three of the men in the jury did stand and admit in defense of the accused they had also been so subject to knowingly false allegations and advances in the City of Ada, for which they were likewise demonized wrongly.

A juvenile examination of the evidence would have exposed this matter, and for such acquittal I feel in no small way some of this animosity in the community has been enriched and falsely promoted by persons named in our criminal complaint known to be associates of the regional agencies, a retaliation against a juror for a decision duly rendered in RECORD a court of law, and order made. Efforts to knowingly accuse such report of Federal Felony Violations as non compos mentis in a premeditated defense strategy is evident in these acts, barred at law per 43A O.S. 43A-5-104, such report of misconduct witnessed in "sale of social security benefits on false report" evident to a juvenile examination of the medical report in record clear embezzlement from medicare and social security programs by STATE OF OKLAHOMA agents in our 2018 May findings and coordination with another victim subjected to the same examiner, which was not admitted hearing as required at law to further conceal this practice of embezzlement of funds in context to the $1.5 billion USD annual grant by UNITED STATES to STATE OF OKLAHOMA.

It is my opinion a Federal Special Prosecutor is required, as local STATE OF TEXAS and STATE OF OKLAHOMA offices of the United States Attorney General have declined in evident fraud made clear in "MARK BITARA et al v UNITED STATES" defense by sovereign immunity now disbarred standing per 5 U.S.C. 556d and 557 rule, and on violation of 5 U.S.C. section 706 in Administrative Hearing not granted to false records made to obtain funds in fraud against the estate of persons themed UNITED STATES CITIZENS in STATE OF OKLAHOMA and STATE OF TEXAS. Proceedings into this matter were suspended due to the COVID-19 closure of all 77 COUNTY COURTS in STATE OF OKLAHOMA, further extending the December 31 2018 Answer made to claim filed November 2018 in extortion a barratry, well into April 19 2020 without seating of a jury or other NATIONAL EMERGENCY or STATE EMERGENCY affording relief in 18 USC 3161 rule, "Speedy Trial" not met or injury despoiling return of a child obligated prior May 29 2019, themed hostage of a UNITED STATES CORPORATION resident in State of Oklahoma and an INTERFRENCE IN INTERSTATE COMMERCE at length, aiding MICHIGAN, NEW YORK, SHENZEN CHINA, and NATION OF JAPAN foreign corporations claims against the party in STATE OF OKLAHOMA seeking forfeiture of property valued at over $423 million USD in competitive sale (2018, PEARL ABYSS acquisition of CCP GAMES, ICELAND; a subsidiary of TENCENT HOLDINGS INCORPORATED subordinate PARADOX INTERACTIVE, the owner/operator of WHITE WOLF PUBLISHING, named also in the 2013-2020 extortion letters regarding the prior child sustained in work by the "187" group and letters exceeding 323 documents now before the court, a criminal scheme to kidnap).

For more information on the matters in question, a reading of Quotes from "Marbury v Madison" is essential:

Explicitly in the effort ot disbar a person from public office or appointment by child abduction or civil debt then applied to disable their commission or RIGHT TO WORK (XXIII-1A) held to be an enumerated right, does Marshall write in 5 U.S. 137:

The value of a public office, not to be sold, is incapable of being ascertained.
- John Marshall

Marshall's immediate point is that public offices are not personal property in the sense that money or a parcel of land might be considered "property." This distinction is directly relevant to the case because it determines what legal options are available for defending Marbury's claim to his office. In making the distinction, Marshall also underscores the significance of the case, since it deals not with furniture or real estate, but with something inherently priceless.

It is emphatically the duty of the Judicial Department to say what the law is.
- John Marshall

This sentence is the "meat" of the case from a constitutional-law perspective. With it Marshall declares that although Congress can make laws, the courts get to decide how those laws are applied. At the highest level, such decisions take the form of judicial review, where the Supreme Court determines whether a law or other action is constitutional. Though judicial review is considered fundamental to American law today, the principle was not articulated by the courts prior to Marbury v. Madison.

If courts are to regard the Constitution, and the Constitution is superior to any ordinary act of legislature, the Constitution [...] must govern the case to which they both apply.
- John Marshall

Here Marshall goes into a little more detail concerning the workings of judicial review. When the Supreme Court reviews a case, it applies a principle known as constitutional supremacy. This means that in a conflict between the Constitution and any other law, the Constitution "wins." This idea, though basic to American law today, was not something to take for granted when the U.S. legal system was in its infancy. In some other countries (notably the United Kingdom), it is the legislature, and not a written constitution, that is held to be supreme.

'It is a general and indisputable rule that where there is a legal right, there is also a legal remedy [...] whenever that right is invaded.'
-John Marshall

This language comes from William Blackstone (1723–80), an English jurist whose Commentaries (1765–69) became the standard textbook for legal studies in the early United States. Because the American legal system was still in its early stages, the Marshall Court often cited Blackstone as a guide to how U.S. law should be applied. Here, Marshall invokes Blackstone as an authority on the relationship between injuries (violations of rights) and remedies (legal actions correcting the violation).

It cannot be presumed that any clause in the Constitution is intended to be without effect.
-John Marshall

Some of the advocates in Marbury v. Madison argued for a different interpretation of the Constitution than the one Marshall and the other justices upheld. They maintained that granting appellate jurisdiction to the Supreme Court did not mean withholding original jurisdiction.

If this interpretation is correct, Marshall argues, then parts of the Constitution have no legal effect. Marshall maintains that such ineffectual language, called surplusage, can never be presumed to exist in the Constitution. This principle recurs in later Marshall Court decisions, which tend to favor constitutional interpretations that avoid surplusage.

The Constitution is either a superior, paramount law, unchangeable by ordinary means, or it is on a level with ordinary legislative acts, [...] alterable when the legislature shall please to alter it.
- John Marshall

Here, Marshall restates the idea of constitutional supremacy by way of a dilemma. He favors—and in later decisions consistently upholds—the former position, which treats the Constitution as "a superior, paramount law." The notion of altering the Constitution "whenever the legislature shall please" is itself contrary to the Constitution, which includes (in Article 5) a specific process for introducing amendments.

Why does a judge swear to discharge his duties agreeably to the Constitution of the United States if that Constitution forms no rule for his government? if it is closed upon him and cannot be inspected by him?
-John Marshall

As he nears the end of his opinion, Marshall grows more emphatic. If the Constitution is not to be used as a standard for judging other laws, he demands to know, what is the point of the judiciary? To swear to uphold the Constitution and then not be permitted to do so, he argues, is a form of extreme hypocrisy.

AFFIRMED 586 U.S. ____ case no 17-1091, For the Unanimous Supreme Court of the United States (9-0) in Opinion by Justice Ginsburg (Feb 2019)

AFFIRMED 590 U.S. ____ case no 18-5924 "RAMOS v. LOUISIANA", for obligation not met in PETERSEN v. ALLEN in claim of 'serious crime' themed 21 O.S. felony wrongly to conceal 21 O.S. 21-891 violation in Title IV Grant fraud alleged, afforded 5 U.S.C. § 706 rule an 18 USC 2071 and 241 claim permitted 15 USC 1692d. Specifically over 2001-2020 15 USC 1692d(1) rule:

(1) The use or threat of use of violence or other criminal means to harm the physical person, reputation, or property of any person.

This includes refusing to communicate with a creditor regarding taking after taking of funds to refuse report of wrongful taking, in false claim of 15 USC 1692b(6) rule, a fraud by OFFICE OF THE ATTORNEY GENERAL OF THE STATE OF TEXAS, April 24 2020; to escape 45 CFR 302.56(f) rule a fraud. Acts in combination with fraud themed violation of 15 USC 1681a and 1681b Federal Law in 2017-2020.

This Notice possible per 590 U.S. ____ case no 18-1150 "GEORGIA v PUBLIC.RESOURCE.ORG INC.", decided 2020 April 20.

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