Ada Oklahoma (USA)

Revision 2016 Oct 10

My firm has been in business since 1991 in the area, through Smokesignals Computer Corporation and other local Internet Service Providers. We acquired this domain and the .net and .info domains during a dispute perpetrating a criminal fraud against my company which was denied all enforcement of law. Despite a court order, discovered in 2012, governing the 2001-2016 dispute, no relief has been granted.

After DDoS attacks in excess of 16 gigabit per second sustained for days against our company in 2015, following previous attacks in 2011-2012, leading to a temporary restraining order against the perpetrator October 31 2012 and discovery drugs were being used upon the child concealed in this matter to violate his Oklahoma Civil Rights (76 O.S. 76-8), the Ada Police Department has done nothing to pass the charges of child snatching (21 O.S. 21-891) over to the District Attorney or U.S. Attorney's office.

Efforts to pursue civil contempt in violation of this order have been met with threats and quid pro quo demands such action be dropped or the alienated parent would be jailed by Dallas County Court and Denton County Court, Texas; supported by attorneys retained for both sides in extortion of $3000 USD without any remedy or relief over 12 months (Sept 2015 to Oct 2016).

The matter relates to the premeditated kidnapping of a newborn child from his father's home and vehicle August 11 2001, for purpose of perpetual concelment then denied all due process in subsequent civil trial accusing the father of 'abandonment' to cover up refusal to enforce 76 O.S. 76-8 and deny protection from garnishment and collection activity exceeding gross income (15 U.S.C. 1673 b) Federal Law, in a knowingly false court order obtained violating 28 USC 1738A (e) (Federal Law).

The alienated family, once owners of Witherspoon Finance of Ada, OK, remain under conditions of blackmail, extortion, and denial of all legal contact on a false temporary order obtained under duress on promise of relief in September 2015.

It is our utmost wish that the Federal Bureau of Investigation open a special investigation under 18 USC 242 (Deprivation of Human Rights under Color of Law) into this violation of human rights in the State of Texas and State of Oklahoma spanning 2001-2016 August, in which American citizens were kidnapped for ransom and denied all legal protection of the United States through false filing and failure to file indictments in knowing overt ccmmercial extortion and blackmail of a prior registered and existing legal entity in interest of $50,000 credit and $10,000 cash grand theft, made possible by the obstruction of justice in the regional and State Justice Department, municiple law enforcement, and Governors of both States personal refusal to act in a clear mistrial (accused never permitted to see the accuser or their atorney or evidence, or enter any evidence in their absence, despite the court swearing such evidence was allowed in the order contrary direct instruction from the sitting judge to two continuances on the failure of the accuser to appear in 2001 after filing against the father of the child in false cause concealing a child kidnapping) to recover an abducted child or stop medical treatment of the child without consent using the drug PROZAC from 2006 to 2016 to compel the child to remain in a foreign State to violate the rights of the Oklahoma parent and business owner targeted in this fraud.

Such acts are violations of the Hobbs Act (18 USC 1951), and criminal racketeering supported by tactics identical to those used by the Democratic National Convention in fraud discovered in 2016. Use of mental health fraud prohibited as a crime in Oklahoma (43A O.S.) was used to threaten to detain and hold the father if he attempted contact, to influence mental health medical professionals in a conspiracy against human rights, and to deny parental rights to a parent in a planned and premeditated kidnapping now spanning 15 years.

Local law enforcement and regional (State Attorney Generals (2), and regional U.S. Attorney Generals) have refused to act in this matter allowing claims by Texas Governor Greg Abbott as Attorney General to imply 'sovereign immunity' of the State of Texas justified denial of due process and child kidnapping with child support during concealment on threat of arrest and false imprisonment in this case, as noted in class action "Bitara vs The State of Texas" and "MARK BITARA ET AL vs UNITED STATES" (denied hearing on similar grounds that the word 'parent' was not defined in State or Federal Law as having any legal rights to a child, contrary Oklahoma State Law (76 O.S. 76-8).

There can be no "Full Faith and Credit" in the United States where Citizens are abducted and sold without cause or on threat of murder (2001) prior concealment and evidence refused at court and false records submitted to create false debts over $100,000 USD without any relief to parties deprived of property, so prohibited under 'Corruption of Blood' and 'Prevention of Genocide' treaties and statutes set forth in law. We are no longer a nation of laws under Democratic Party Rule, and must reject members of this group as criminals in light of the public support for this kidnapping and abuse of human rights in war crimes by the United States.

This is why my businesses and I endorse Donald Trump for the 2016 Presidential Race, in light of failure to carry out the oath of office by the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation, corruption therein, and fraud to grant immunity in matters of national security similar to the kidnapping for ransom in extortion of my business in 2001-2016.

If these criminals evading the duty of their position are not removed from office, we cannot regard the United States as a legitimate country any longer, or members of the Democratic National Party as anything short of terrorists engaged in genocide activity against American Citizens.

Pursuant to The Constitution of the State of Oklahoma Article II section II-1, these rights are reserved views; protected (II-22); and remedy guaranteed (II-6). We choose instead to recognize a new American Government, and dissolve the old, as prior reserved in our civil rights as these matters continue 15 years without relief or admission in crimianl conspiracy.