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Established 1991


5 Year Warranty


Lifetime Service

3.4 GHz CPU cores / 1Gbps TS3 Network: Update your Bookmarks As of 9-27-2016

- Replace your domain (before the : in the address) with and game on!

- To update TeamSpeak DNS (tsdns), close and re-open your client.

Managed TS3 Service Rate

TeamSpeak 3 Cloud - Monthly

TeamSpeak 3 Cloud - Annual


TeamSpeak 3 Servers

TeamSpeak Voice

Encrypted voice and text. Enhanced TS adds file transfer VPN. Frustrated by fraud and incapability of the United States FBI to prosecute criminals operating in their jurisdiction, we developed the first VPN based high speed optical voice communication network with protected file transfer for business and individual users.

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Solid State Drives

Managed Hosting

Classic 1 Gigabit Dedicated servers, Virtual Private Servers, and Cloud Services (web, dns, email, database) on four distinct servers for maximum security in an managed environment supported by interactive firewall security tools provided by our monitoring center. 10 Gigabit dual link servers available upon request.

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Advanced Gaming Computers

AGS Systems

Performance computer systems built for fps games and high detail. Advanced Gaming Systems (AGS) are the proprietary brand of SDP Multimedia Group, Militech Systems, and Raccoon Technologies combined arms computing solution. AGS "FRAME" systems allow for maintenance upgrades at 36 and 60 months after purchase.

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Gigabit Network Devices

Gigabit Data

We provide, configure, support, and sell 1, 10, and 40 Gigabit Network Switches and Security Devices. Has your competitor ever run a 500 line call center? Or 6 national call centers using VoIP? Or directed calls across multiple centers based on Superbowl Advertising burst traffic flow? We have.

Our experience is worth millions in the open market. Defamation is the only sales tool our competition has to dispute it. Fake profiles, fake accounts, they have done it all to stop an American company from kicking their firm out of this hemisphere.

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GTX 1080

GTX 1080

The leading graphics accellerator for modern PC gaming. Our AGS solutions feature 1-3 of these devices in 1-9 monitor designs for very large (84-inch, 11K pixel wide) display solutions. Combined with a 5 year warranty, it is SLI heaven.

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GTX 1070

Web Site Design

Modern HTML5 Rapid Website Design with simple database application layer for your business needs, providing online email and registration for customer inquiries, sales leads, and contact methods to assist your business in reaching mobile customers.

Purchase a site with source code rights and database rights to ensure you can move your site as hosting needs and goals change at your company. Turn-key systems lock you in, while we build and deliver actual source code to your business that you can modify and own. Don't be fooled.

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Leadership and product selection provided by veteran engineer and Ada native, James Allen. Senior Software Engineer and Telecom Admin for major firms from 1999-2016.


Casual Games and Events leadership by Stratford native, Tammy Jones. Active supporting contributor to Town of Salem and other casual cross-platform solutions.


Operating Managed Online Game Servers and Voice Conferencing from 1996-2016 in the State of Oklahoma. Supporting users of TeamSpeak 1998-2016, Cisco, Redhat Labs and Opensource technology.

Cisco Systems

An Authorized Cisco Channel Partner, providing genuine Cisco Systems equipment to regional businesses and customers for 17 years.


Reseller and Distributor, providing repair and replacement for most small business computers. Experience in upgrades, OS migration, extension of life, and surplus disposal.

Pet Friendly

Our office-cat friendly indoor-only workplace means our engineers are ready to help pet owners and experienced with the risks of coming into your home or office where animals are a part of your family.


Our network security department for 10 years, monitoring online threats and providing end-user adaptive security products for home and office.

Raccoon Technologies Inc.

Provider of our Cisco Systems support and on-site services for corporate network management, VLAN security, and remote services.

Deep Layer Inc.

Our licensed service portal manager for all application, event promotion and ticket sales. Deep Layer Inc is the only authorized reseller for our trademarks and licensed product titles.

Ada, OK, 74820
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