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SDP Multimedia Group hosts secure private encrypted voice conferencing for casual video games and events in Pontotoc County, Oklahoma (USA). Incorporated in 1998 to protect itself from fraud, the firm continues in 2016 to service legitimate registered intellectual property creators and artists in the Americas. Our limited liability company has helped test and develop products in visual imaging used in television and major motion pictures.

Fraud in the United States and South Central United States remains a very real threat to children, used to justify child abuse and deny relief to victims of domestic violence and unlawful separation under color of law and racism. SDP was formed to address the issue of abuse against children in the courts and foster care system, and remains the target of retaliation by persons in the United States who deny lawful and ordered access to children via fraud under color of law and aided by organized harassment of victims of domestic violence.

Our founder has not seen his son in 15 years without legal cause, due to such abuse and criminal neglect to afford access or enforcement of a court order rendered with no due process and under explicit violent threat, assault, and solicitation of murder. We stand with families and children separated by religious violence in the United States and other countries, in rejecting any nation that carries out genocide.

Pleadings of any agreement to such separation are fraud before the public and a false instrument created to conceal child kidnapping for ransom in Oklahoma, Texas, and other U.S. member States. No agreement to loss of contact has ever been obtained without criminal duress in this matter, and the creation or employment of such document is complicity with a war crime by the United States.


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