Community hobby, games, events, and entertainment for members of the City of Ada, Oklahoma.

Mastery United Gamers

Join over 50 members of MUG - our regional World of Tanks / World of Warships club, at their new TeamSpeak 3 Server

Online Tactics Club (OTC)

Or join our local Ada professional gaming group and twitch members (on application / approval) here.

This group mainly supports local members who are users of the Steam Online Game Service and PC / XBox / PS4 gamers interested in professional eSports.

If you have an event or activity you want to list on the site, contact our promotion department.

All inquiries are screened to ensure maximum compliance with our standards and practices. Members receive discounts on PC equipment, early pre-order of new hardware products for gaming, and free support for PC related issues.

PC Gaming News

Local streaming service for MechWarrior Online, Planetside 2, and other games launched in Ada. Presently recruiting members for event promotion in scheduled broadcasts 3-5 times per week. Sponsored by Raccoon Technologies Incorporated, a local provider of business class network equipment. This is a casual volunteer-oriented program, for community activity, and not a commercial offer of employment by SDP Multimedia Group or its sponsors.

Reported Public Schedule

Check the present Schedule. Unscheduled programs are as available. James is currently not streaming due to health issues since October 16th. Pogo and company will be filling in during November for this gap. To get scheduled contact them on

The present schedule include MechWarrior Online, Oxygen Not Included, This War of Mine, and Darkest Dungeon (Crimson Court).

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